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The GoJoliet! City on
the Move
™ brand logo
is protected under U.S.
copyright and trademark
laws. Unauthorized reproduction of slogan
and logo is strictly
prohibited. The brand
logo is available for
licensing through
Bullet Communications
by calling Tim Kump
at  815.919.4861
or e-mailing him.


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Bullet Communications
Creates New Brand Identity
for Joliet.

For cities like Joliet that are competing for skilled workers, businesses, tourists and dollars, image matters. There is a perception gap between how Joliet wants to be seen and how it is perceived. Tim Kump of Bullet Communications is using design to change the image of Joliet.

In his continuing quest to improve the image of Joliet, Kump, who also created CityofJoliet.com, recently turned his attention to creating a brand logo for Joliet. In developing a brand logo for the city, Kump knew it was important for the brand to be accurate and not to oversell a promise. The logo had to be believable. It also had to have emotional value. Kump's statement of GoJoliet! City on the Moveaccomplishes these objectives. The brand promise reflects Joliet's excitement and forward progress and states that the positive developments are continuing.

The logo Kump created for Joliet is intended to boost the city's reputation and give residents a symbol to rally behind. Kump says the branding campaign isn't just about image but about inspiring people here to work together to promote the city. The GoJoliet! brand logo is an important step in making a positive impact on Joliet's image.

GoJoliet! CityofJoliet.com Community Coffee Mug

12oz. deluxe ceramic coffee mug.
Two color logos on front and back,
with black handle and halo rim.

Price: $10.00

Mugs can be purchased from
the designer, Timothy Kump, by
calling 815.919.4861


logo on other side of mug.

The Artistry of Joliet

Now Available at

The Artistry of Joliet is a new hardcover book that features 75 photos of the city's most
architecturally significant buildings, as well as various photographs of familiar city scenes.
The photographer, Timothy S. Kump, used unique angles, bold colors and compositions,
and graphic techniques to provide a fresh perspective of the great city of Joliet, Illinois.
Most of the photos were first published here on CityofJoliet.com. This book is a follow-up to
Kump's 2009 'The Artistry of Joliet' Calendar
(see below).

Kump’s idea was to create a collector’s book of Joliet images that he could share with the community. The book makes a unique gift for those who love Joliet.

The book contains 58 pages with a hardcover and full color book jacket. The book is broken
into five sections; Joliet Buildings, Joliet Scenics, Joliet Churches, Joliet Correctional Center
and the Rialto Square Theatre.

Most of the buildings shown in the book are from the downtown area, since that is
where a majority of Joliet’s historic architecture is located. Some familiar buildings
include the Joliet Post Office, the Joliet Public Library, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Joliet
Junior College and the Rialto Square Theatre.

Photos from the book are also available as fine art prints by contacting Kump at

Kump's 2009 Calendar, also titled The Artistry of Joliet, was sold to raise funds for the Rialto Square Theatre.

The unique calendar was comprised of a series of panels contained inside a CD jewel case.