Charlie Adams
Together, Charlie and Yanni have recorded fourteen CD's, on which Charlie played and wrote percussion and drums and did drum programming. Their music has been used extensively by all of the major television networks' sports programming, including the Superbowl, Wide World of Sports, U.S. Open, Tour De France, World Figure Skating Championships, The Olympics, and ABC News. Charlie has completed eight major concert tours with Yanni. Their CD, "Live at the Acropolis" has sold over 8 million copies.

When not on tour with Yanni, Charlie lives in Nashville where he owns his own recording studio and teaches drum lessons. Jimmy Chamberlin (also from Joliet) of Smashing Pumpkins was one of his former drum students.

"Aside from being a great musician, one of Charlie's best qualities is his loyalty and devotion to a project," says Yanni. Charlie gives 100% of himself to whatever he does.

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Local music teacher/percussionist Terry Peeples interviewed Charlie when he was in town to give a drum clinic at JJC. Read interview.

Charlie Adams began playing drums at the age of 13. His first drum teacher in Joliet was Don Willard, and he also studied with Bill Muehler. At Joliet West High School, under the direction of Dean Sayles, Charlie was involved with the concert and jazz bands. After continuing his lessons in Chicago under Bob Tilles and Phil Stanger, Charlie packed his bags for Minneapolis-St. Paul, where he studied with Mary Dahlgren, principal percussionist for the Minnesota symphony.

In Minnesota, he formed the rock band Chameleon and developed his own record label, Platinum Records. It was in Minnesota that Charlie met Yanni when he was hired on as Chameleon's keyboardist. The band produced five albums before Charlie and Yanni headed to Los Angeles to pursue movie sound track work.

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