Photos of F.S. Allen
and biographical information courtesy
of P. Seth Magosky
F.S. Allen
Outside of Illinois he designed the Daley Mansion in Dallas, TX, and high schools in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Michigan.

In 1904, F.S. Allen moved to California to live and pursue architectural commissions. He designed his residences in Alta Dena and Pasadena. He also designed schools in San Diego, Santa Barbara, San Pedro, and Duarte, CA.

F.S. Allen was a founder of the Tournament of Roses Parade, and acted as Grand Marshall circa 1906.

In 1922, he closed his architecture practice and opened a music store in Pasadena, CA.

F.S. Allen (at left) in Germany 1922,
following the closing of his architectural practice and divorce from his second wife, Isabell McDougal.

Throughout his life, F.S. Allen was a collector of fine art, European architectural elements and was noted Egyptologist. At his passing, his estate was auctioned off, and the listings included works of art destined for museum collections.

F.S. Allen died in Pasadena, CA on August 26, 1930 at the age of 74, leaving behind an impressive body of work.

F.S. Allen pictured with two of his five children, Fred and Ida May, along with his first wife Mary Hendries Allen, who died in 1895 in childbirth.

Frank S. Allen was a prominent Joliet architect who went on to achieve national recognition for his work designing schools. He was a contemporary of Louis Sullivan, D.H. Burnham, William LeBaron and Richard Morris Hunt.

F. S. Allen was born in 1860 in Galesburg, IL. He practiced architecture in Chicago and moved to Streator, IL circa 1884, before moving to Joliet in 1887 with his family.

While he lived and worked in Joliet, he designed many residences and public buildings.
Residences he designed include his own residence at 608 Morgan, the Marcus Kraker residence at 225 N. Hickory St., the Patrick C. Haley mansion at 17 S. Center St., the R.E. Barber residence (demolished), the C.M. Fish residence (demolished), the James Ferriss residence (demolished). Mr. Ferris was a relation of George Ferris, creator of the Ferris Wheel. Coincidentally, F.S. Allen and Mr. Ferris were both from Galesburg, IL.

Allen's Joliet Township Central High School.

Public buildings in Joliet that F.S. Allen designed include Christ Episcopal Church, the Barber Building, Joliet Township Central High School, the Illinois Steel Worker's Club, Sheridan School and Broadway School.