Jimmy Chamberlin

When Jimmy was 17, he joined his first band, a hard rock group called "The Warrior Band." Band members included guitarist Larry Kozian and rhythm guitarist Bob Marini. Even though Jimmy was the youngest and least experienced member of the group, his skill level was that of someone 10 years his senior.

Jimmy played in another popular Joliet band, "Eddie Karosa and The Boys from Illinois", a polka band with guitarist Larry Kozian and bassist Eddie Mayer.

Jimmy also played in the band "JP and the Cats", a popular show band that performed throughout the Chicago area.

Jimmy excels at a wide variety of musical styles including big band, rock, jazz, alternative, and even polka.

After 10 years of traveling throughout the world, playing before millions of fans, the Smashing Pumpkins decided to break up in December 2000.

Jimmy is now free to pursue new and exciting challenges, including musical pursuits and auto racing, another one of his passions.

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Local music teacher/percussionist Terry Peeples interviewed Charlie when he was in town to give a drum clinic at JJC. Read interview.

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Joliet native Jimmy Chamberlin played drums for the Smashing Pumpkins, the biggest rock band of the 1990s. The Smashing Pumpkins sold over 25 million CDs, with Jimmy providing the fire and drive.

Jimmy attended St. Judes and Catholic High, before attending and graduating from Joliet West. Inspired by his parents' love of music, Jimmy began playing drums at the age of 8. His first drum teacher was Charlie Adams, from local bands Argus and Chameleon, and later of Yanni fame. Jimmy studied with Charlie for five years. He also took lessons from Hugh Wilson and Jerry Drauden.



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