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   Dr. Michael Greenwald

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Arnold L. Kump   Custom Home Builder

Arnold L. Kump was born on June 14, 1927 in Joliet, Illinois.
Arnold’s father Joseph and mother Sophie (nee Louscher) immigrated to America from Austria and settled in Joliet in 1920. His parents raised their six children to respect family, hard work and honesty. Since the age of twelve, Arnold helped his father, a building contractor, on his jobs and quickly showed an aptitude for the building trades. Arnold attended St. John’s Grade School, Joliet Township High School, and later took courses at Joliet Junior College in Architectural Engineering and Estimating.

Arnold's childhood home on the corner
of Center and Moran

In 1944, at the age of 17, Arnold was drafted in the army and was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington State where he served in the Medics division.

After completing his duty in the army, Arnold returned home and purchased a DX filling station which he operated for three years.

There he met a customer, Irma Bucciarelli, whom he later married and they had three sons. While running the DX station, Arnold continued to build houses on the side with his brother-in-law Tom Polyak. When the construction business became more lucrative and demanding, he sold his gas station and focused on construction full time. Arnold L. Kump Construction was officially born in 1952.

In the beginning, Arnold built small homes for spec, and sold them at a profit. He quickly became known for his quality and integrity. Customers began contacting Arnold to build their custom homes. Those customers then recommended Arnold to their friends and word-of-mouth advertising became the only form of advertising Arnold needed to sustain his business.

You know you're buying
a quality home when
your realtor tells you
"it's an Arnold Kump home"

The Kump family home that Arnold built
in 1963

Arnold also built many commercial
buildings in Joliet

Arnold’s dedication to doing every job right, to the highest standards, while giving customers great value, became his calling card.

As Arnold’s sons, Arnie, David and Tim got older, he brought them on jobs to work with him. Eventually Arnie and David became involved in the
business full time while son Tim pursued a career in the arts.
Over the years, when discerning customers wanted a custom home built, they called Arnold L. Kump & Sons General Contractors. Arnold’s passion for building and craftsmanship is evident in every one of the 100+ custom homes and commercial buildings he constructed over his career.

In 2004, at the age of 77, Arnold finally took a step away from physically being involved in construction, but continued to assist in running the business.
Finally, at the age of 80, Arnold retired and turned the reigns over to his son Arnie to continue the family tradition of providing integrity, value and
craftsmanship in custom home building.

Arnold passed away on February 23, 2011 at the age of 83.

Arnold L. Kump & Sons
General Contractors