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Pictorial New Joliet

Joliet Public Library / Black Road Branch - Opened December 2002.

JT Central High School / Designed by F.S. Allen and completed in 1901.
The school is Collegiate Gothic in style, and was built primarily with Joliet limestone.

Harris Bank / Downtown Joliet

Looking south from the Jefferson Street Bridge

The beautiful Romanesque St. Joseph Church of Joliett was completed in 1905.

The magnificently restored interior of St. Joseph Church of Joliet. See altar close-up

Jefferson Street Bridge / Opened November 26, 1932.

Rialto Square Theatre / Opened May 24, 1926. The theatre also has 1926 seats. A six million dollar renovation was completed in 1981.

Pavillion / Bicentennial Park

Harris Bank / Downtown Joliet. Originally known as the Woodruff Bank building, designed
by the Chicago architectural firm of Mundie & Jensen.

The Woodruff Building, designed by Chicago architect William LeBaron Jenny, father of the
modern skyscraper.

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